Francisco Javier Barrena

Senior Software Architect
CTO at Kyso Inc.

Francisco is a software architect and software developer specialized in scalable systems based on decoupled architectures, microservices (if there is a reason to use them :D) and cloud environments.

He has a wide experience leading and managing heterogeneous technical teams (developers, devops, security, machine learning and data analyst), for example as Head of engineering and Head of cybersecurity research group at ITI, and as CTO at Kyso. But even in management roles, Francisco is a hands-on person that likes to build things.

Francisco is proactive in learning new technologies and paradigms, with a strong interest in developing software products with quality and security, in the code and in the infrastructure.

Finally, he is a frequent speaker in technical events, and a former professor at the Politechnic University of Valencia, in the Big Data Analytics Master, and in the University of Mondragón, teaching Cloud Security in the Specialist Course of National Security Scheme.